If you love them, protect them

Saving children from any danger is the main task of their parents. If you feel your kids have big secrets from you and you don’t know what they do in front of their screens, it’s time to find out the truth. You can have a talk with your kids, but you won’t hear everything. So the only way out to make sure your children are safe is monitoring their activity with the parental control software. Don’t worry if you feel yourself bad because you have to keep it as a secret, you’re doing it for good. You won’t have to do anything difficult; you’ll only have to spend a few minutes or half of a day on everything.

If you care about your kids, you have to control their pastime. You can check what people they keep in touch with, where they go after classes, what games they play and many other things. It’s not a secret that many old strangers pretend to be kind people and start communicating with kids via social networks. They insist on a live meeting, but it can be very dangerous. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be able to read all the correspondence of your kids and listen to all incoming and outgoing calls.

You can use this software on smartphones, laptops, tabs and PC. You can track location via GPS and see where your kids are on the map. If you are not familiar with the place they are visiting, you should immediately go there. You can see how much time your kids spend at school and know what they do after the classes. If you don’t let your kids go anywhere without your permission, you will be able to check if they follow your instructions.

Using the software – Easy as a pie

Many parents face a situation when they don’t know how to install and use the parental control software. It seems difficult only at first glance. You can practice using it on your computer and your phone checking if you receive all the recorded data and whether you can read and listen to it without any problems. Take your phone and download Hoverwatch app. Now install it like any other as you did many times before. Don’t worry after that, you won’t find anywhere, it’s a hidden program. Your kids won’t even notice that you have installed it on their gadgets.

It will be great if you contact the support team of the developers and ask questions as for how to start using the program and how to delete it if you don’t need it anymore. You pay money for the program and you are likely to have some more questions. Once the program is installed, try tracking the location, reading messages and recording calls. Your efforts can save your kids’ lives, so nothing should stop you from protecting them.